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In each academic year the Vidyalaya will hold following tests and examinations.
I. Unit Tests (Minimum 3)
II. Cumulative Test (November)
III. Session Ending Examination (March)


1st Term Unit Test - Second Week of July
2nd Term Unit Test - Third Week of September
3rd Term Unit Test - First Week of February
Cumulative Test - Second Week of November
Session Ending Exam - Third Week of March
1st Pre-Board Exam. for X – XII - Fourth Week of November
2nd Pre-Board Exam. for X – XII - Fourth Week of December
3rd Pre-Board Exam. for X – XII - Fourth Week of January

Unit Tests :

Minimum three unit tests in the months of July, September and January shall be conducted. It is an evaluation tool to record the progress of a student. Generally a test is given by the teacher when a unit of study is completed.

Progress Report :

The Progress Report shall be sent to the parent by the Vidyalaya after the completion of each term in an academic session that is in August, November and March.

Minimum Attendance

A pupil may not be allowed to sit in the annual examination if he/she has not put in a minimum of 75% of the attendance of the academic session including attendance put in a previous school, if the student has been admitted on transfer from other KVs.


The final assessment of the pupils for promotion shall be decided on the basis of the annual record of the pupils for maximum marks in each subject distributed as follows:
1. Class work and homework assignment (Session ending only) : 5 marks
2. Projects/Practical (Session ending only) : 5 marks
3. Unit tests (5x3) : 15 marks
4. Half Yearly Exam : 25 marks
5. Session Ending Examination : 50 marks
Total : 100 marks


There should not be detention in class I & II.
If a child gets ‘E’ grade in 3 subjects or more in class III onwards, he/she can be detained in the same class with the consent of the parent.
In case the parent does not consent, the student will be promoted to next class. However if the student again gets ‘E’ grade in three subjects or more in the next class, the principal can detain the child in the same class.
The child who gets ‘E’ grade in any two subjects in class V will be given an opportunity to improve upon it and if he/she gets ‘D’ grade even in one subject, will be promoted to class VI.


A student will have to secure overall 33% to be promoted.

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